Audrey Shaw: Therapist !


I am Audrey Shaw and tHis is my web site. I hope your having a good time

so far !

I'm a therapist who lives in Luton. I'm available for all problems - from depression & anxious to post traumatic Stress disorder and different sexual problems from addiction to can't get it up.

I work out of my house on Gordon Street. Its quiet quiet so we can get loads done.

Sessions are 50 minutes but those with serious problem I always offer "the Leo Sayer' (all dayer - eg six hours).

Being miserable is be enough to make anyone unhappy. Why stay locked in a prison of your own making when the key tofreedom existis within all of us/you !

Do the right thing and call now

You know it make sense !

With love and kind regards,

Audrey xxx

(Free fruit with

every session )