More about Audrey

My life has been like anyone elses: some times briliant, some times just awful. I've got two kids but I've also got divorced twice. After my second divorce I had to go to the doctor because I couldn't get out of the bed.

Luckily I've learned from these periods of har dship It's important to have someone you can all talk things through with.

I'm that person

Im here for anyone who wants to just talk or cry and laugh or shout at the world.

Deciding you need Deciding you need to talk with someone is often the first step towards the heeling process .

Life is for the living and I can help you.

Am approved by the UK association Of Pyschotherapy.

The stones and greenery indicate the natural harmony you get from therapy



"Life is a test and ritches await those that come through it": Audrey Shaw,1996.

©Audrey Shaw 2011: "Thinking is believing in yourself" (Audrey Shaw)

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